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A fundraising ceilidh dance to aid a unique project to help young accordionists in the Bahamas.  Come along and join in the fun and all for a good cause.


Music by Accordion champion Graeme Mackay & guests to be announced.


A short back story - Generations ago, Scottish settlers in the Bahamas introduced the button box to the locals, ever since then, the musical folklore of the Bahamas has passed down each generation, played on the button box, goat skin drum & the saw and screwdriver.  This style of music is known as "Scrape & Rake".


Graeme & Maggie have been invited out to Nassau to teach at a workshop to encourage and nourish the local talent to keep this tradition alive.  As you can imagine the cost of the travel is quite high & these are not wealthy people & funding opportunities are very thin on the ground.


This fundraiser will hopefully raise enough to cover some costs, we have flights, travel costs, accomodation, living costs & wages if there is enough to cover them.



Longmore Hall Keith Ceilidh

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